FAQs: What selling used cars on Weelee is about

  • Do I pay a fee to use Weelee.co.za?
    No, the service is completely free to you! No fee is payable by you to Weelee.co.za or the buyer.
  • Why would I get the most cash for my car on Weelee than anywhere else?
    We have pre-approved hundreds of buyers who are serious about buying your used cars for sale. It only makes sense: more buyers interested in your car mean more cash offers for your used car.
    Plus, you save time! Weelee makes sure you get a deal without any negotiations.
    Other selling platforms may offer the exact same car as yours an even higher price, but this is likely to be at face-value only. See, usually the price presented on an ad is what the seller hopes for, i.e. before negotiating with potential buyers.
  • What basic info do I need to register my car for sale online?
  • When will buyers be able to view my car online & send me cash offers?
    Once uploaded your used car, your registration will be reviewed by the experienced Weelee team who checks that your car is accurately presented to potential buyers & ready to receive the highest price possible!
    Once approved, your car will be live online at 8am - 2pm the following weekday. From 2pm - 4pm, buyers will make their offers & you'll watch the price climb when you login. When buyers still compete for any car after the time has expired, bidding continues! The highest offer will be yours to decide on, obligation-free.
  • If I accept an offer on my used car, how will the payment, paperwork & car transfer be handled?
    If you decide to accept an offer, the specific buyer will help you handle the processes & liaise with the bank should any money on your previous car be outstanding. This is done to ensure the online sale of any pre-owned cars is hassle-free & secure.
    • If your car is not (or no longer) financed, the buyer will pay the offer in full via EFT & collect the car with a proof of payment in hand.
    • If there's a settlement on your car which is lower than the purchase price, the buyer will pay the settlement in full to the relevant financial institution, pay the offer via EFT & collect the car with a proof of payment in hand.
    • If there is settlement on your car which is higher than the purchase price, you will need to pay the remaining balance to the buyer & provide the buyer with a proof of payment. The buyer will then settle the full outstanding amount to the financial institution via EFT and provide you with a proof of payment.
  • What about privacy?
    Your name & personal details will only be disclosed to the bidder whose offer you decide to accept. Potential buyers won't know your identity & Weelee's custom super technology will automatically blur your registration plate when you upload a photo to sell your used car online.
  • Do you need my car's VIN number for identification?
    Only in some cases may your vehicle identification number be requested. Here's why: - Most manufacturers (especially BMW) log a car's services, repairs & vehicle extras using a VIN number, which means potential buyers may find added comfort in this knowledge & be more likely to increase their offers - As part of the security regulations set in place to protect our pre-approved buyers, we do random checks* on uploads to ensure, for example, that no stolen cars are sold on Weelee.
    *Security checks are conducted with TransUnion, a vehicle verification service with databases updated daily in conjunction with the South African Police Service (SAPS) & the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (NAAMSA). This is common practice in to motor vehicle industry.
  • Why is it so important to describe my car correctly during free registration?
    The more details you disclose, the more comfortable our pre-approved cash buyers will be to compete for your car. As they don't have the opportunity to view your car beforehand or in person, it's important for them to know & see as much as possible online - this builds trust & ensures you receive higher offers, of course!
  • Can I buy used cars from Weelee myself?
    Unfortunately, all cars uploaded on Weelee can only be purchased by pre-approved buyers. This agreement is for your own peace of mind, as you'll enjoy the following benefits:
    • Cash payments! None of our buyers need financing.
    • Security! All buyers are pre-approved.
    • Efficiency! The buyer whose offer YOU choose to accept handles the admin & paperwork.
    • Timesaving! All pre-approved buyers are seriously interested in sealing the deal.
  • What is the estimated value Weelee places on pre-owned cars?
    The value we send you is only an estimate & is based on the specific make, model & year alone. Keep in mind that no two used cars are the same! This means that two of the exact same cars may have different prices, 'cause factors such as mileage, tyre condition, accident damage & respraying are taken into account.



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